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Judy B's West Wight Potter Pages


Click here for info on the Cruiser Challenge VII
The biggest Trailer-Sailor Party on the West Coast

Judy B's Catalina 27 Website - A complete refit of a 1977 Catalina 27, from mast head to keel

Feathering up vs Dumping wind on a Potter - When a gust hits the boat, what do you do?

Asymmetric Spinnaker for a P19 - It's new, so I don't have a lot of pics yet. Here's my review after sailing it twice (April 2005)

Rigging a P19 for an Asymmetric Spinnaker - 1st draft (June 2005) - IMPORTANT -- This is a first draft only and probably contains material errors.

Potter 19 Jiffy Reefing set-up -- reproduced from Chris Beatty's "Deep Blue" website *** New April 2005

Tips on operating and maintaining the P19 keel raising system *** New July 2004

Photo Essay Albums: Hundreds of pictures with detailed commentary, organized into Albums. Past SCA Cruiser Challenges, modifications to my Potter 19 Redwing and other Potters, repair projects, hundreds of pictures from Potter Yachter races and cruises ***New and old, Last modified Novemeber 2004

Photos Guest
Album name Description
10   Slug Placement, Mast Gates and sail jacklines Ways to manage the main sail slides when flaking the sail and reefing. How to space the slugs on your mainsail so you can reef.
29 0 2001 SCA Cruiser Challenge Pictures from the SCA Cruiser Challenge, June 23, 2001. Oakland Estuary, San Francisco Bay, CA. 32 micro-, mini- and pocket-cruisers took part in a fun race.
25 5 2000 SCA Cruiser Challenge - Results and Commentary SCA Cruiser Challenge 2000 - Part 1 - Results and Commentary. If you want a hi-res file of a photo, suitable for printing at 4x6 or 5x7 at your local photo shop, email me.
2 0 Cajun Tiller Tamer Here's the "Cajun Tiller Tamer". I learned it from Jerry Barrilleaux, Potter skipper extrodinaire, whose family comes from the Lousiana bayou country. It works!
8 0 Details and Designs Details and Experimental Designs
2 0 Electronics Installation on Swing Out Bracket The VHF, GPS and Knotlog are mounted on a swing-out bracket in the companionway.
6 1 Favorite Sailin' Photos Warning! Some of these are pretty big files. Suitable for up to 8" x10" enlargment, or full-screen wallpaper.
1 0 Force 5 Trailer Pics of trailer for 2 Force 5's, 3 windsurfers, and launching dolly
2 0 Jackline for Mainsail or Jib Reefing A jackline on the luff provides a way to reef a mainsail (or a jib) without having to fuss with removing slugs from the mast track. When the mainsail is lowered part way for reefing, the line gets looser, and the mainsail can pull away from the slug
5 2 Mast Raising - Jerry B's System Jerry B's Mast Raising System
6 3 Mast Raising - Judy B's System It takes about 8 minutes from arriving in the parking lot to pinning the headstay. No lifting, no grunting. (There are mini-stays on the mast to keep it from swaying sideways during raising and lowering. I don't have pics of them yet).
5 0 Mast Raising - Precision Sailboats The Precision line of sailboat uses a telescoping bow stop on the trailer and the trailer winch to raise the mast. Here are some pics of how the telescoping bow stop is designed.
18 0 Ocean Planet Open 60 Bruce Schwab's Open 60 class "Ocean Planet", headed for the "Around Alone" and "Vendee Globe"
7 0 P19 AutoHelm ST1000+ installation. Installation of an AutoHelm ST1000+ on a Potter 19
5 0 P19 Boat Cover The cover was made to be used both with the mast up and with it down (in the trailering/storage position).
10 0 P19 Custom Cabinets Custom mahogany cabinets for the Potter 19. Holds a cooler, galley bin, and removable chart desk. Made by Vince Venezia, member of Potter Yachters.
1 0 P19 Floatation Foam Replacement May 2001. Replaced the floatation foam in the bow with molded closed cell foam from the factory.
3 0 P19 Keel Lock Project P19 Keel Lock Project
11 2 P19 Keeltrunk Project My 1985 had the worst keeltrunk ever installed in a Potter 19. Every other P19 I've ever seen made mine look flimsy. I decided to rebuild it first class, in a manner similar to the over-built HMS-18's from the 1970's.
1 0 P19 Sailplan P19 Sailplan
13 0 Potters at Monterey Bay Potters at Monterey Bay. High-resolution photos can be viewed as "Actual size" OR 640 X 480. Click on a picture, and then CHOOSE "FIT 640 X 480" TO MAKE THE PICTURE SMALLER AND LOADING FASTER.
23 0 PY 2000 Delta Ditch Race Potter Yachters Delta Ditch Race May 2000. Photos by Judy and Dave Blumhorst, Dave Norris and others.
15 1 PY 2000 P15's, Foster City May 2000. Flat water, sea breezes and restaurants with docks. Good place for new skippers, but winds can exceed 10 knots in the afternoon. Bridge clearance is about 21', suitable for P15's, but not P19's.
17 0 PY 2001 Bruno's Island and Delta PY Bruno's Island Weekend, March 2001
10 0 PY at Millerton Lake, April 8-9, 2000 Potter Yachters weekend at Millerton Lake. 6 Potter 19's, one Potter 15, and one Montgomery 15 attended. The sailing was fabulous, and the highlight of the trip was sailing upriver thru the canyon.
10 1 PY Pics by Jerry Barrilleax Pics from SCA Cruiser Challenge, a Outboard Motor mount for a P19 standard trailer, a few shots from the Bruno's Island Sail in March 2000
10 1 PY Sail, Oakland, Feb 2000 Potter Yachters Sail at Oakland, CA Feb 26-7
15 1 PY Woodward Reservoir, June 2000 Potter Yachters at Woodward Reservoir, June 2000. We coordinated the event with the San Jose Sailing Club. There were about 30 different sailboats there! Pictures by Dave Norris and Judy Blumhorst
4 0 Stern Anchor Holder

CAUTION!!! If you deploy the anchor with the sails up, you must immediately secure the rode to the bow, or else the boat sails downwind, dragging the anchor

8 1 T-Boned! (Hull repair project) T-Boned -- The word no sailboat owner wants to hear. The damage was there when we bought Redwing. A 2" wide section of fiberglass was shattered right at the deck-to-hull joint. I fixed it as part of her total re-fit.
8 0 Trailer OutBoard Mount Designed and fabricated by Jerry Barrilleaux.


Potter 19 Rudders - modification to thebeaching rudder so that it kicks up better, and a high performance one piece rudder with a proper foil shape to it. The "high performance rudder is larger and creates more lift, so the boat will handle heeling in the gusts and resist rounding up better.

Potter 19 Hull and Keel Trunk Construction ***New Feb 21, 2003*** Actual photos of the hull and keel trunk from a 1999 Potter 19, cut so you can see the cross section.The owner is doing some modificatons to the boat to install a bulbed keel (!). The hull behind the keel trunk is 7/8" thick solid glass laminate while the hull laminate at the sides of the trunk is over 1/2" thick. This keel trunk is built to take anything you can do to it. It's built like a tank.

Potter 19 Rig Tuning Notes

How to tie a bowline singlehanded: As taught in Brion Toss' book, The Rigger's Apprentice

Coiling Line with the "Over & Under" method - How to coil line so it plays out perfectly without twisting and snagging. Also taught in Brion Toss's book.

Adjusting the headstay with a CDI Furler

My Favorite picture of Redwing

Custom Cabinets for a Potter 19: Custom mahogany cabinet with chart desk and cooler storage

AutoPilot Installation on a Potter 19: Autohelm ST1000 Plus wired to GPS and connection to laptop

Potter Keel Lockdown Modification on a 1985 Potter 19: The keel locking system on my 1985 Potter was a bad design. Here's how I modified it. Also, a brief historical overview of the three major designs used from the 1970's to the present

A Brief History of the HMS-18 and Potter-19

Running lines aft on a Potter 19   

Redwing's Boat Cover - can be used with the mast up, or the mast down (on the trailer)

How Fast IS a Potter?  A New Look at Hull Speed.    The old formula, hullspeed=1.34 times the square root of waterline length, was developed by Anthony Deane in 1670 for designing heavily built British Men O'War.  With today's light-weight materials, it's time for an updated look at the formula for theoretical hull speed.  From the work of naval architect Dave Gerr.

Installing Genoa Tracks on the Cabin Top of the P19 - A "how-to" with pictures.

Where do I put jib sheet blocks or tracks on the P19?  What if I have a CDI?  **New 9/15/99**  By Judy B.  This article first appeared in the Potter's Yachters Newsletter in April 1999.  This version is a little better.

Repairing Small Holes and Scratches in Gelcoat

Evaluating Old Sails -- written for the April 2000 Potter Yachters Newsletter

Understanding Deep Cycle Batteries (And Solar Panels)  New ** 11/26/99** What are  the differences between Acid, Gel and AGM batteries?  Is my battery still good?  How should I charge my battery?  And more....  From Northern Arizona Wind & Sun, Inc.

Sail Slug Installation  Info from eMails compiled by Rye Gewalt and Ted Duke. For P19's and P15's.

P19 Rudder Modification Design A simple, elegant design for a spring-loaded kick up rudder.  Modelled after the Force 5 rudder design.

The Potters Yachters Website.  On the top of my list of links. The longest running Potter organization. Organized in Northern Califonia in 1978.  Links to lots of other Potter sites and clubs.

International Marine.  The folks who make the West Wight Potters.  You can read all about Potters, and get info on buying a new one or ordering replacement parts.  An on-line store is planned in the Spring of 1999 -- finally we'll be able to get Potter T-shirts and caps!

Mast Step Plates for running lines aft For P19's andP15's.

Reefing and Unreefing***New 5/13/99*** A link to everything you need to know about jiffy reefing.  From Pineapple Sails, San Francisco Bay, CA, one of the Bay's premier sail lofts.

Your Hull Identification Number - Deciphering it ***New 5/13/99*** A link to BoatSafe's website.

Filling small holes and touching up gelcoat  ***New 5/1/99.***  Equally applicable to P19's and P15's.

Back Stay Kit for the P19, manufactured by Jerry Barrilleaux, Commodore of Potters Yachters  (On the PY Website)

Wisp - A West Wight Potter   A link to Ed Zeiser's website about his P14 "Wisp".and sailing and life in general.  Make sure your speakers are turned on!  This is a delightful site to browse!

Judy B on "Restoring Boats"  New 3/1/99.  Equally applicable to P19's and P15's.

Force Five Association introduces the "Blumhorst Rig" New 3/2/99
This isn't about Potters.  It's an article from the Force Five newsletter about my role in developing a new, improved rig for light weight sailors and racers.  Now women and teenagers have an equal opportunity to mix it up with with the big boys on a fast, pretty, inexpensive 14 foot dinghy that can handle SF Bay.

P19 Mast Technical Specification

Vang Configuration for a Bendy Boom For P19's and P15's.

Vang Configurations For P19's and P15's.

"Baja type" Caulkins Trailer

Link to Info on Shaping Foils

SCA Cruiser Challenge IV
July 17 & 18, 2004, Monterey Bay, CA

The biggest Trailer Sailor party of the year.  Non-racers are encouraged to join the fun! 

Online Registration Closed - See you next year!


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