Sorry -- the boom was sold on July 14th!

For Sale : Catalina 27 Boom with Gooseneck

Asking $295 + shipping

Located in San Francisco Bay Area

C27 boom and gooseneck from my 1977 Tall Rig. The boom is long enough to be suitable for use with either a regular or tall rig with end boom sheeting. It extends far enough aft to provide a fair lead to the traveller aft of the tiller. Overall length is 11 feet, 3.5 inches, including the gooseneck. If you need a shorter boom, you can cut it.

It is in very good condition, with no visible corrosion. The prior owner stripped and repainted it with Brightsides one-part polyurethane paint within the past year and he did a thorough and great-looking job. The boat has hardly been sailed since he did the work and the boom still looks like it was refinished yesterday.

All attached hardware appears to have been properly bedded with a compound to prevent galvanic corrosion. Most of the attached hardware is brand new.

It is set up for attaching the mainsheet at the end of the boom. It has an internal outhaul which passes thru a new Harken exit box at the end of the boom, goes forward inside the boom and finally exits from about 6' from the gooseneck to a camcleat mounted on a teak pad on the underside of the boom. You can adjust the outhaul standing in the cockpit.

It has new cheek blocks for 3 aft reefing lines, 2 of which lead externally to aluminum clam cleats. 1 leads to a horn cleat. The mainsail had 3 reefs.

It has a stainless steel fitting for the vang attachment

*** Shipping: I have a shipping tube for it, if necessary. You have to ship via truck because it's about 12 feet long when packing in a shipping tube. Based on my recent experience shipping masts and booms, I'd guess it will probably cost about $175 to ship it from California to the east coast. But you should check for yourself.


Above: middle of boom showing hardware for vang. Also stainless steel exit box with a sheeve for the outhaul line, going to a Harken cam-cleat on a teak riser.


Above: Aft end, port side of boom. Shows 4:1 purchase for outhaul., an unused exit plate, and a cheek block for reefing.


Above: Aft end of boom, starboard side. Shows two more cheek blocks for aft reef lines. (Full Disclosure: Please notice that there are a few small scratches in the new paint on the top of the boom near the aft starboard cheekblock.)


Above: The forward, starboard end of the boom, showing the two aluminum clam cleats for the aft reefing lines.


Above: Front of boom, port side. Shows one horn cleat for 3rd reef, aft line. (Full disclosure: There is a cut-out for an exit box or plate on the underside of the boom, approximately3 or 4 inches from the gooseneck fitting. There is no exit box or plate in the cut out.)